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Kalki Is A Thorough Professional, Says Sumeet Vyas

By: IANS | October 4, 2017

"The Viral Fever" actor Sumeet Vyas, who is making his big screen debut with "Ribbon" opposite Kalki Koechlin, hails his co-star as a through professional.

"I learned a lot from Kalki Koechlin. It was a really interesting experience, Kalki is a thorough professional and I really respect that and she is a really popular star and an actor, but you don't feel that when you're working with her," said Sumeet at the film's trailer launch on Tuesday.

Filmmaker Rakhee's directorial Ribbon stars Sumeet and Kalki and is the love story of a young couple, who, amidst their flourishing careers, decide to have a baby.

About his performance in the content-driven drama, Sumeet said: "People want the real stuff, the real story; they enjoy that kind of performance. During the 1990s, people liked over-the-top kind of performance, but today, people enjoy very realistic performance, so as an audience we are graduating towards that kind of content."

Kalki, who plays the role of a career-oriented girl facing much criticism and bias on workplace due to her pregnancy and later motherhood, says she researched so much about pregnancy and motherhood that now she is scared of it.

"It is challenging, but you know, I have not been a mother in real life, so obviously the whole thing from pregnancy to childbirth, and then having a baby and raising it, I did a lot of research on it; I found so many details about pregnancy, now I am really terrified of birth... but it is also beautiful," she said.

About working with debut director Rakhee, actress Kalki hailed the filmmaker and the script, which ushered her into working in "Ribbon".

"Two things worked for me, first the script was excellent. It was very relatable, a story like this could have happened with anyone. And the second thing, I had seen the documentary by Rakhee, she has made a documentary on surrogacy and surrogate mothers, her choices as a filmmaker, the way she shoots is very realistic and it matches the script a lot, so those were the reasons I wanted to do 'Ribbon'," she addedi.

"Ribbon" has been produced by Prakash Mondal and Swathi Mondal of Red Cart Films and is slated to release across India on November 3.

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