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Men Should Be Unapologetic About Wearing Jewellery: Karan Johar

By: IANS | October 4, 2017

Filmmaker Karan Johar, who also designs costumes, says men should not be apologetic about wearing jewellery and that Ranveer Singh could be a potential brand ambassador of his future men's jewellery collection.

Karan was present at the launch of the offline flagship store of, an online fine polki jewellery store, here on Tuesday.

He was there to launch his maiden jewellery line.

Karan said: "Men should be unapologetic about wearing jewellery. If you think wearing a chain, a bracelet or a ring suits you and interests you, without giving too much thought on what others would say, one should go for it."

Asked about who would be his brand ambassador if he was to launch a men's collection, Karan said: "Ranveer Singh, no doubt. He is cool enough to carry everything. You know that he walks the talk when it comes to fashion."

The filmmaker had an interactive session with actress Neha Dhupia where he elaborated about his thoughts on presenting a traditional form of jewellery like polki to modern women. He believes that jewellery should be more wearable rather than over-the-top.

"I wanted to create a brand that is more accepted, more affable and goes well with your personality; not daunting or overwhelming. Polki travelled from the Mughal era to present time... in big occasions, on the red carpet, an international fashion show... Polki has travelled everywhere.

"So, Shravan Satyani of Tyaani Jewellery and I decided to create a line for all ages, all stages and that's what we have done."

Karan also appreciated actress Deepika Padukone's "Padmavati" look, praising filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali's sense of beauty.

He said: "I love her look in 'Padmavati' and I think Sanjay is one of the best we have, with a great sense of visual and aesthetics and therefore, no wonder that Deepika is looking absolutely stunning. Deepika is eternally beautiful but Sanjay makes her look even more beautiful."

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