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Chajju Da Chubara Runs Into Troubled Waters, Yuvraj Hans Says 'We Should Be Progressive"!

By: Prakriti | October 6, 2017

After the much hyped announcement of Yuvraj Hans' next movie Chajju da Chubara, we weren't expecting such an unfortunate fate of this film. The actor who got a lot of appreciation for his character role in Lahoriye, has now no option but to to move ahead and focus on his next projects.

Inititally, Chajju Da Chubara was to be directed by the 'Gelo' director Manbhavan Singh but sources reveal that due to a tiff between the producer and the director, the latter was asked to leave.

The tiff rose out of difference in opinions. After the first half of the movie was shot, the producer analysed the director's vision but couldn't really relate to it and therefore, Manbhavan was replaced with a new director. After suffering from quite a monetary loss due to scrapping the first schedule, the makers probably are now taking their time in thinking and evaluating the options where money needs to be invested. 

Though we agree that the makers suffer because of such stances, but an actor too feels jittery about his job. For now, the lead face of the movie Yuvraj, simply has no idea about the current ground activity of 'Chajju Da Chubara'.

When we asked him about the schedule of his shoot, he said that he has absolutely no clue about it now!

Not losing hopes and disclosing the details of his next projects, Yuvraj stated, "It obviously is very disheartening when your project is stopped in the middle. That's because you have given it time and whole soul commitment but losing hope and getting disheartened is not an option.  I have my deep faith in the almighty and believe in him completely. Jo baba ji karde ne oh sahi hunda hai."

"Now I am busy with my singing projects. I have completed three of my songs and have also shot for a video. Soon these songs would release under T-series. I also have a single lined up for release under Speed Records. I am concentrating on what’s coming further in my career than being discouraged by my movie's fate or even cribbing about it. We should be progressive in our lives and move on," he added.

With high spirits and best wishes, we hope that Yuvraj Hans stands up tall in his career and makes people go gaga over him, the same way they did when his smasher 'Paani' got released.

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