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'CRD' Makers Ready To Refund Money To Disappointed Viewers

By: IANS | September 28, 2017

The makers of "CRD", directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Kanade, will refund money if the viewer is disappointed with the film, which will hit select screens in India on Friday.

"It's often that viewers are disappointed with a film and that discourages them from visiting cinemas again soon, resulting in overall decline. This would be a sensible and sensitive way for the producers to reinstate the faith of the audience in the theatrical cinema going experience," the film's makers said in a statement.

"In every other aspect of life, we have the right to return and reclaim our fund. Why not apply that logic here as well? It's a baby step, but a revolutionary one, and we hope it will soon be the future norm," they added.

For the refund, people have need to write to and send the details of the ticket as well as the petrol cost.

The drama-romance releases in Indian metros in select cinemas on Friday, and will expand from the second week to more venues - mainstream as well as parallel.

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