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Arijit To Perform For Mental Health Cause

By: IANS | September 27, 2017

Popular singer Arijit Singh will perform here on November 12 to create awareness about mental health illnesses.

Mpower Minds, in its quest to create awareness and alleviate stigmas around mental health illnesses, is presenting GenM, the music concert.

The brainchild of Neerja Birla and Ananya Birla, Mpower endeavours to be a movement to affect change and proactively champion mental health causes, create awareness, advocate prevention and provide services with a professional, holistic and multi-disciplinary approach.

On World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, Mpower launched the ‘Ear For You' Movement, striving towards encouragement of dialogue on mental health issues.

With Arijit being the flagbearer of the movement for this annual property, leaders from the entertainment, business and sport domains will be in presence to support the cause.

"We have launched GenM to be a music concert for young people and to provide a platform to engage in meaningful dialogue on mental health, in a fun and relatable way. At Mpower, we strongly believe in creating awareness and eradicating stigma associated with mental health," Neerja, Founder and Chairperson, Mpower Minds, said in a statement.

Ananya, Co-Founder and Vice Chairperson, Mpower Minds, said: "I think #EarForYou is an important movement for the youth, especially considering the pressures we face in today's times.
"We aim to bring people together to pledge their willingness to encourage dialogue around mental health issues. In that spirit, and with an aim to create more awareness about this campaign we are introducing 'Mpower presents Gen M', a concert that will see Arijit Singh live."

Arijit is thrilled to be a part of this initiative.

"With everything happening in the world right now, I believe that we all need to come together and stand up for causes that truly affect us. Every voice matters and I'm lending mine too," he added.

Proceeds will be directed towards the Mpower Foundation.

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