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My Pulse Similar To Audience's: Arjun Kanungo

By: IANS | September 26, 2017

Arjun Kanungo, who has sung tracks like "Baaki baatein peene baad", "Fursat", "Khoon choos le" and "Ek dafaa", believes he has a pulse similar to that of his listeners.

Celebrating the second anniversary of his hit track "Baaki baatein peene baad", which was also his debut single, Kanungo said in a statement on Monday: "I actually like the music I create, and I think my pulse is similar to the audience's. Therefore, if I like what I am creating, I am sure my fans will too".

"'Baaki baatein...' was a rage within hours of its release. I didn't expect so much love and it just kept growing. There were multiple versions created for the song and every live show I did or still do, I have to begin and end with it.

"After 'Baaki baatein...' my second single 'Fursat' was again loved by all. The video and the rhythm stayed with listeners long after they were done listening to it. The third groovy single 'Ek dafaa' is still on charts. I am just humbled."

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