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Joe Scarborough Releases 'Freaks Love Freaks'

By: IANS | September 26, 2017

Joe Scarborough, known for hosting "Morning Joe", has released his new EP, "Freaks Love Freaks".

"Freaks Love Freaks" is Scarborough's third EP.

The award-winning television personality will release original music over the next several years.

"Releasing a new EP every month is exciting for a lot of reasons. But it's especially great for the band because it keeps us recording, writing and developing our sound on a non-stop, almost hourly basis. There's no time to rest and we love every second of it," Scarborough said in a statement.

"Maybe that's why 'Freaks Love Freaks' is my favourite EP yet. The music has a sharper edge to it and the lyrics are more personal."

Scarborough has plans of releasing 200 original songs over the coming years as part of a deal with Sony/RED MUSIC.

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