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What?? AIDS Can Be Transmitted By Shaking Hands With The Infected Person, Says PSACS

By: News Desk | September 25, 2017

IT isn't us but the very authority Punjab State Aids Control Society (PSACS) that has recently preached so. The Society has published a pamphlet, which is intended to provide awareness on AIDS, but with information, that can only be called grossly erroneous.

According to a report published in India Today, the details of the pamphlet, which is written in Punjabi, says that AIDS can be transmitted by shaking hands with an infected person or even through using utensils used by an AIDS infected person.

PSACS, through the pamphlet, have even gone on to add that sharing things like mobile phones, computers used by an infected person and using toilets used by an infected person can be a reason of it's spread.

It seems that an organisation created to spread awareness is in dire need for some education and awareness themselves!

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