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This Punjabi Singer's Team Just Got Manhandled And His Car Got Attacked Too!

By: Harloveen | September 18, 2017

While performing at a concert in State University, Shimla, Punjabi singer Mehtab Virk's team was manhandled and his car attacked! 

Mehtab was there for a cultural event and after an hour of his performance, suddenly the electricity went out. The event was halted and Mehtab left the place. His team was still in the auditorium with the musical set up and according to reports, a guy named Amit Thakur urf Prince abused the team on phone. He even warned them of destroying their instruments. 

If that was not enough, Prince and his fellow peers attacked Virk's cars and threatened them of life. A case in this context has been registered at the Balgunj Police station and further investigations are underway.

On the other hand, student union chairman, Ajay Basuti has alleged that they had booked Mehtab Virk for HPU's cultural program for which he was paid one lac rupees. The amount was handed over before the performance and the time duration as per deal was two hours. Instead, the singer got off the stage after performing for 20 minutes and left the premise. 

According to Ajay's version, when one of the students tried to get in touch with Virk then he was abused over the phone and the team present in the auditorium even manhandled the college students. When the students protested, Virk's team started breaking the stuff there. In this connection, the Chairman of the student union has filed a complaint and demanded an investigation.

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