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Being Outsider In Film Industry 'Blessing' For Taaha Shah

By: IANS | September 16, 2017

Actor Taaha Shah, who is gearing up for his upcoming film "Ranchi Diaries", says he is fortunate that he never had a godfather in the film industry.

During a media interaction here, Taaha was asked if he ever wished for a godfather in Bollywood. He said: "Not belonging to the film industry for me has been a blessing in disguise. It gave me an opportunity to stumble, fall, get hurt and rise up, multiple times."

"It's like you have to gather your own self and make yourself stronger, taking your own decisions and lead the way. It makes you become your own godfather. If I did have one, I think I wouldn't have learnt as much as I have today. Hence, I am fortunate that I never had a godfather in B-town," added the actor who has earlier featured in "Luv Ka The End" and "Gippi".

The trailer of "Ranchi Diaries" gives a glimpse into the slice-of-life comedy of small town youngsters planning a bank heist to make it big. It shows Taaha as a goon who prides himself in being called 'godfather' by school kids.
"My character Pinku considers himself to be the problem solver, messiah, leader, bully to the bullies and guide of the ones needing help -- all combined in one. He is not a local goon of his town... he is their godfather, or at least he thinks so," he said of his character.

"Ranchi Diaries" also features Himansh Kohli and debutante Soundarya. Produced by Anupam Kher and Rashmin Majitha and directed by Sattwik Mohanty, the film will release on October 13.

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