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Any Idea What The Actresses Get Paid For Punjabi Films? Here Are Some Stark Figures!

By: Prakriti | April 25, 2018

There has been a constant war of words about the disparity between the male and the female artists in terms of pay scale. The gap is decreasing with time in Bollywood but you will be surprised that it is still pretty huge in the Punjabi industry.

We, exclusively have some stark figures for you, that'll throw light on the amounts that are paid to the actresses in Punjabi industry.

Punjabi Movies:

An actress who had debuted in Pollywood a few years ago, for your information, was  female lead paid nothing more than 50 thousand rupees to 1 Lakh and now, when the industry has flourished and is more global, let us tell you that a debutante still gets not more than a lakh or two for a film. (exceptions kept aside)

Actresses who are signed with big production houses and through them have made an entry in  Punjabi industry, have a better pay scale. For them it varies between 10 to 12 lacs.

Actresses who have been in the industry for quite some years and have done more than five movies get paid somewhere between 20 lacs to 23 lacs.

The highest paid actress of the Punjabi industry gets 35 to 45 lacs, this bench mark is only touched by one actress, who has been consistently giving superhit movies with A-list Pollywood actors. No points for guessing who she is.

If sources are to be believed, she's raised her fee even more! 

Bollywood: If an actress, who has her feet strong in Punjabi industry, makes her debut in  Bollywood with a fairly good production house, then she is offered a professional fee ranging between the slab of 20 to 25 lacs.

South Industry: Many of our Punjabi actresses have moved to the South industry and they tell us that they have been paid way more than what they were offered in the Punjabi industry. After having a look at the figures, even you would know why these actresses are more keen to work in South Indian films. 

A debutante actress in the South Industry gets paid something ranging between 5 lac -6 lacs.

Their financial leap is big with the second and the third movie. The price ranges between 15 to 17 lacs.

Any actress who is doing extremely well and has made her position strong by giving superb performances would be paid up to 25 lacs.

Advertisements and Endorsements

(Fyi please: An advertisement is a TVC which is played on the television and you aren’t the Face of the brand)

If the female artiste has to shoot for day, even pan India, gets nothing more than 40 thousand to 50 thousand rupees. The actresses who have a strong hold in Punjab have even got upto 1 lac for a good TVC

(Fyi please: An endorsement is when the celebrity is the face of the brand. This can be in Punjab region or Pan India)

The endorsement which is for 1 year and engages the artiste for 4 to 5 days pays off something between 5 to 10 lacs. (Note: Only A listed top stars of the industry are approached for these)

But the sad part is that even when the industry is growing at a good pace, the price difference between even the Punjabi the actors and actresses is way too much. The singer-actor’s debut project fetches him way more than even the highest paid actress. A top listed Punjabi actor gets nearly 1.5 to 2.5 Cr for a project, and if he is a Bollywood return then even a 3 Cr gets paid in some cases.

(Disclaimer: The above mentioned figures are only based on general feedback given by professionals of the industry and are meant for general information)

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