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Weather Has Taken Toll On Michael Keaton's Skin

By: IANS | September 13, 2017

Actor Michael Keaton thinks the weather has taken its toll on his skin.

"I live in the west - Montana - so I'm outside all the time. A lot of sun and wind beating the s**t out of your face. Which has taken its toll on me,"Keaton told The Metro newspaper, reports

Keaton said his previous lovers have advised him on the best beauty products to use to prevent signs of ageing.

"Fortunately, I've gone out with enough women who said, 'You'd better out this cream on your face.' I'm not kidding," he said.
The actor has said that he has put on plenty of moisturisers and lotions over the past 10 years than he has ever before to "save" his skin, and he thinks applying he skincare products has done the trick.

"The past ten years or whatever, I have put more creams and lotions on my face to try to save myself. I laugh at it but I think maybe it works," he said.

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