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"I Was Offered Bhalwan Singh But Was Busy With Karan Johar's Film" - Vikramjeet Virk

By: Prakriti | February 11, 2018

A boy from Karnal who aimed big and wanted to enter the glamour industry gave up a lot to make his foothold strong in the industry. Vikramjeet Virk, who hails from Karnal, Haryana, was ambitious since childhood yet had to make some tough choices when he entered the field. It’s been years but he is still working hard each day to get better roles with which he can prove the best in himself. He has done  projects in each field - Bollywood, Hollywood, Pollywood and even South Industry. 

While having a chit chat with him we found out a lot about his macho actor and he even revealed facts about the film industries in various parts of India, that he has worked in. He even has a few regrets and to know what they are, read the full interview below:

Vikram, how did you land in this field?

I was always fascinated towards this field. Being from Karnal, to pursue my studies, I went to Delhi and from there I entered into the world of modeling. Soon after that I participated in Lakme Fashion Week which was a big turning point in my life. In 2007, I moved to Mumbai and continued modeling for two and a half years. God was kind enough and  I bagged a role in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s movie 'Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey'.

After working in Bollywood, how did South movies happen?

While I was doing my Bollywood project I met a South Indian director named Roshan Andrews, who was looking for a hero in his movie. He saw my work, my physique and soon I was roped in for the role. This was my first Malayam film and it was named “Casanova”  in which I played the antagonist named Alexi. We shot for the movie in Bangkok, Dubai and many more international destinations. It was a wonderful and a very positive experience of my career.

You’ve done many mythological and historical shows on television, why this particular choice for TV shows?

While I was shooting for Casanova, I got many calls for television. I was overwhelmed by the kind of recognition I got from people who thought that I was a perfect face for a particular character. Each role that I was offered was challenging, had substance and gave me the exposure that I needed in my career.

The kind of serials I did were larger than life, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I even learnt a lot from them. I have done shows like Shobha Somnath Ki, Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and Maharakshak Aryan. Whatever I have learnt while working in each of them has much significance in my career and even on my future projects.

Your Punjabi project Yaaran Naal  Baharan 2 wasn’t successful, what do you think went wrong? Also, do you plan to do any other Punjabi movies?

Yaaran Naal Baharan 2 was not up to the mark. The makers perceived it differently but the final output was not even close to that perception. Even I was disappointed after watching the film. I did get quite a handful of offers after the movie but my commitments in South industry were plenty and I couldn't take up any project. A recent project for which I was approached was Bhalwan Singh. I was offered an important character in the movie but during the same dates I had to shoot for Karan Johar’s project because of which I had to unfortunately turn down Bhalwan Singh.

But, If I had time, I would have loved to work in this movie and make it as my come back in Pollywood.

Share with us the details of Karan Johar’s project that you did?

It is a project named Drive and the movie would be releasing next year in March. It is inspired from the Hollywood film 'Fast and Furious'. The story revolves around four racers and I am one of them. Sushant Singh Rajput is also among the four. My character’s name is Vicky Sandhu, who has great physique, tattoo of Baba Deep Singh ji and is very stylish in his own unique way.

You’ve worked in Bollywood, Hollywood,Televison,  South and Pollywood, what is the major difference you find in all of them and which is the one you love working in?

Each industry has given me a lot for which I’ll be grateful for a lifetime. Talking about the difference in all of them, there surely is a stark difference amongst all five. People from Hollywood have the perfect sense of planning and execution, they are up to the mark when it comes to following a fixed schedule of events. Bollywood is an industry which encourages talented artists but there is survival of the fittest. Talking about the South industry, I have to admit that audience in the industry gives you immense love ina way that you won’t get anywhere else. People treat their actors like gods and they would watch the movie over and over again. They are so loyal to their own industry that they would choose their regional language over any other language. I have loved working in television because it gave me the larger than life feeling with the big grand sets that we shot in. I haven’t explored Pollywood yet but would love to come and work here.

There is no particular favorite amongst them. All my roles have been special in their own way and I would love to work in any industry which gives me a challenging yet substantial role.

Did you get the role in Buddies in India because of your uncanny looks?

Oh! Yes, I got to know that the makers were finding someone who resembled the Hollywood actor Gerard Butler. I had been working on my body during those days. They selected me because they thought I had resembled the actor. 

Has your family been supportive about your work? Have you ever regretted any decisions that you've made to be in this industry?

My family was never against my profession but my father was surely upset about some of my decisions. I am a Sardar but I chopped my hair to be in this industry. Back then, in the year 2003, there was no place for turbaned guys in the industry and I had to take this major step. My father stopped talking to me for many years after this incident.

Even today, I regret getting my hair chopped. I wish I could be in the same industry as a Sikh model.

Your upcoming project Saragarhi with Randeep Hooda looks very interesting. Tell us about the movie and also about the role you are playing.

Battle of Saragarhi is a famous battle that happened in the 18th century. This war is remembered for the bravery of 21 Sikh soldiers who fought fearlessly by killing over 600 Afghans, who wanted to enter their province. These 21 Sikh Soliders were asked to return back from the border as the authorities thought that they won’t be able to fight the big army of Afghans approaching then. But these men stood strong and fought courageously as they lived by the teaching of Guru Gobin Singh Ji that one should never leave any work unfinished and never fear anyone. The movie would educate many who don’t know about this battle and refresh this forgotten chapter of History.

I am playing the character of Boota Singh in the movie. He is an important soldier of the regiment and is the tallest and the strongest one amongst them all. Boota Singh's story, along with that of Havaldar Ishar Singh, which is played by Randeep Hooda, would be shown in the movie.

We wish Vikramjeet all the best for his upcoming projects and we hope to see him soon in Punjabi industry as well.

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