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Blog: Here's A List 5 Banned Punjabi Movies And The Reason Why!

By: Prakriti | February 10, 2018

Very often we hear people talking about their films getting banned by the censor board and when we ask them the reason then they say 'aevein faltu kam' but the censor board authorities often are heard saying that the film in consideration was not fit for public viewing.

Sometimes, people tend to watch some films and get into a mode that is not good for general public and can even lead to unwanted actions which are not in best public interest. Some could also scrape old wounds and create tension, which is definitely not what is advisable. 

Most of the times these films do see an overseas release, but India being a multi cultural country, has seen many films getting banned for the aforementioned reasons. Even few of our Punjabi films saw the same fate.

Here's a list of those films that got banned for India release and let us tell you the reason why you were stopped from watching them:

Toofan Singh : After a lot of speculations, Toofan Singh was banned by the censor board. The movie had to release years back but  the makers edited it time and again and finally when they presented it for approvals, the censor board went ahead and banned it from releasing in India. Ranjit Bawa was pretty excited about the project for which he had even lost a lot of weight and worked pretty hard.

Toofan Singh's story revolved around a Sikh boy growing up in Punjab during the turbulent 1980’s. The story chartered his pursuit for justice, survival and equality for all. Devastated by the deteriorating law and order situation, Toofan Singh took charge and started his fight against corruption, crime and brutality in order to protect society for one and all. But the movie got banned and according to a leading newspaper, the reason for this ban was mentioned as..

Toofan Singh is a Punjabi film based on a terrorist. The Pahlaj led CBFC banned the film because according to them the film glorifies terrorism, and that might give a wrong message to today’s youth.”

Kaum de Heere: This movie is lesser known but yet it was banned years back. It revolved around the lives of Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, two bodyguards of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who assassinated her in 1983 to avenge Operation Bluestar at the Golden Temple. The Intelligence Bureau had said that Kaum De Heere could become a source of tension between the Sikh and Hindu communities and the same was informed to the Centre accordingly. Though the movie released overseas but Punjabi audience was barred to watch it.

The Mastermind Jinda Sukha: The movie picked up another controversial story from the past and was banned in the country. It was based on the lives of two Khalistan Commando Force terrorists, Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha, who killed General Arun Vaidya on August 10, 1986. General Vaidya had led Operation Blue Star to swipe off militants from the Golden Temple complex. Jinda was also involved in a bank robbery of more than Rs 57 million. The trailer of the film, which was screened for journalists, showed both Jinda and Sukha as heroes. The glorification of former terrorists did not go well with the censor board and ultimately the film was slapped with a ban.

Nanak Shah Fakir: The film was a biopic about the first Sikh guru, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. According to news sources, many got angry about such a film being made as, according to them, Sikh religion  prohibits any personification of the Guru, either by actors or in animated movies. Akali Dal government, Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), the mini-parliament of Sikh religion and the Central government jointly looked into the matter and banned the film. There were Sikh protests around the world to stop the screening of this movie. SGPC members who had watched the movie found objectionable content in it and even found problems with Gurbani citing in it. They were agitated when the movie was screened and suggested immediate ban on the movie.

Saada Haq: Sadda Haq, starring Kuljinder Sidhu, was based on the events during 1980s and 1990s, when the state suffered from militancy. It portrayed several issues; including the murder of a human rights activist, alleged police torture, fake encounters, jailbreak and the assassination of a politician. The movie was banned on the grounds that it could provoke unwanted emotions in general public. A promotional song of the film on YouTube had created quite a stir. Baghi by Jazzy B equated the tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh, and several freedom fighters with militants Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala, Jagtar Singh Hawara and Balwant Singh Rajoana. The song, however, was not a part of the film. The authorities thought that it was better not to let the audience watch this movie and cause igniting of the fumes.

Though you can watch the movie on Youtube

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