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"A Pair Of Shorts Save Me From Unwanted Limelight" Says Gurickk Maan. Here's More From The Man Himself!

By: Prakriti | November 9, 2017

He is not the typical celebrity son, infact he seems to be a reflection of his father everytime we talk to him. He is not driven by trends but passion and with his two songs (Punjab and Mitar Pyaare nu ), he has already created a benchmark for himself in the industry. He is none other than Gurrick Maan, the freshly brewed music video director, who isn't just 'THE SON' of legendary Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan, but a talent that has his own stand in the market now. 

People assume that Gurrick's got an easy entry into the industry because of his father,  but his hardwork behind his launch itself amazes us and we are confident that he is a tank full of talent!

In this exclusive  interview with Ghaint Punjab, Gurrick unveils a lot about the experiences he had while working with his father, moments which deeply moved him, his inspirations and also about why he chose to become a director and not an actor:

  • Gurrick, why did you choose to be a Director and not an actor?

I've been a storyteller throughout my life. It started when I was in boarding school and continued for years, even when I was in England for my higher education. Most of the time, I was engrossed in reciting fables about Punjab and loved to see people imagining things out of them about how my motherland would be like. At times, I even made up stories and it was this passion of story telling that made me a Director and not an actor. I've been a passionate story teller all my life, and that's exactly what I do for my videos as well, narrate stories through my camera.

Coming to the acting bit, it was pretty easy for me to be an actor, thanks to my star son image. I had got plenty of offers and that too lucrative ones, as per many, but I chose to focus on my passion. I wanted to pursue my passion first before engrossing myself into the ongoing trend. I am a purely passion driven person and not trend driven. 

  • How was it to direct your father who is a legendary artiste and how much pressure do you feel while working with him?

It honestly is a great honour that I have the opportunity to work with a legendary artiste like him. But with all that comes great responsibility too. There are things in which me and my father differ in opinion and we talk about it. While working with him and being his son, I have a lot of perks too and my mum often says, ”Papa is easy with you when he works with you". We known each other so well that we come to the same page quickly. While working with my father I get to learn a lot and the most important thing I have learnt is hardwork. He puts in a lot of hardwork in each of his projects.

  • If you could take a few traits from your father, what would those be?

If I could be just  be one percent of what my father is I think I would be the happiest person ever. I have been very close to my father and he is one humble, grounded and genuine person. Often small incidences leave big impact on me. My father’s deep and strong belief in the almighty is another thing which really fascinates me. He leaves everything to  the almighty and trusts his doing without any doubt. I've observed that it is faith in the eternal power which makes life easy and stress free. I wish I could take these traits from him.

  •  What incidences with Maan ji  have affected you deeply?

We were at a high end function with dignitaries as attendees and my father was having a great time with everyone around him, getting pictures clicked and more. Suddenly, he noticed a small child gazing at him from the corner of the venue. He was the gardener's son and was his fan. After a cute little conversation, my father got a picture clicked with him. 

I have seen him being humble and respectful to everyone. He doesn’t see anyone below him and treats everyone equally with all the love he has. A good day or a tough one, he always greets people around him with utmost respect and love.

  • Other than Maan ji , who else would you love to direct in your videos?

I am a great fan of Ranbir Kapoor. When we were in New York,  we used to sit at Times Square and discuss films for hours together. I would love to work with him and would cherish directing such a talented actor.

  • What is the sarcasm behind wearing shorts at Gurdas ji’s shows?

It’s been 3-4 years since I have started working with my father. I am running around the backstage and managing everything .I literally pick up the speakers and do everything by myself because I think that is the best way to do things. Shorts are a comfortable outfit to do all the running around and I like being comfortable. My mother often criticizes me for wearing shorts at the show but this is also my plan to get away from the limelight!

After the show many come to me asking if I am Gurrick Maan but I plainly refuse by replying "Why will Gurrick do all the running around in a pair of shorts? He would be sitting somewhere and enjoying the show." :-)

  • Why didn’t you turn up on the stage in England when Maan ji called for you?

It was a big show in Wimbley arena and I was pretty excited about it. I had planned to wear a suit as all of my friends were coming for the show. But I got so busy working backstage that I didn’t get time to  change and I was there in my shorts. GM called me onstage and I felt so embarrassed that I hid somewhere and didn’t turn up. After that day, he has never called me onstage and I have always been wearing shorts backstage.

  • Tell us about Eternal Jogi and when can the audience watch it?

Eternal Jogi was my first ever project . It was a concept that we designed for giving GM  a break during his continuous stage performances. It is an 8 minute video that we shot showing Maan ji playing a piano. It showcases his journey from the start till date, and how he considers himself as a jogi. Once that bit commences, GM enters the stage in the jogi attire and performs Challa , one of his most loved tracks onstage.

Three constant hours of performance on stage are draining - physically and mentally. GM doesn’t like to take a break with lights out as he thinks that the audience loses interest. We have played the video in many of our concerts like the Canada tour and the England tour, and it has been a hit concept. We plan to launch it on YouTube soon for everyone.

  • How was your experience shooting for Eternal Jogi? It was your first project ever?

It was one hard task! It was on the sets of Eternal Jogi that I saw a professional camera for the very first time and it made me immensely excited and equally fascinated. It took us quite long to shoot the complete sequence and present it in a manner we wanted to.

  • Gurrick , why are your songs based on sad stories?

I have just released two of my projects but I believe in the ideology of making something which is worthwhile and something which can change someone’s life. Both my songs, I think, were the need of the hour. Punjab showed the current scenario of the state or I would say, globally. Many could relate to it and it touched many hearts. The other song which is actually a beautiful shabad 'Mitar Pyaare Nu”, showed a vital part of the history. What has happened in the years 1947 and 1984 has affected a lot of lives and those times are considered as the black chapters in the life of masses. What I showed was factual and as expected, it moved many to the core.

Talking about sad stories, these were just two of them..there are many more projects to come which would have a lot of other fables in them.

  •  How did you feel when people criticized GM on singing songs like Ghar di Shaarab after Punjab got released?

Everyone has the right to express their opinion and today, social media has made it even easier for them to express their love and anguish. In today’s world life is synonymous to criticism. If criticism makes them superior or us inferior then frankly, I am happy for them .

After the song, many tried to defame me with a viral video, saying that I was indulged in a brawl overseas. I wasn’t even there and the person in the video wasn’t me. But then again, if people are happy putting me down, I am happy for them. Once we all are done with our deeds, the truth shall prevail and people would remember us for all the good deeds we have done.


  • You are an atypical celebrity son, why is that?

I am happy to be Gurrick Maan but more than that I want to do something that is remembered for ages all together. I want my work to speak for me even when I am done and dusted. I want people  to know me for touching their lives through my work.

  • We haven’t seen you flaunting your riches, any reason why?

I have been blessed with the best and have got more than what I deserve.

When I was young, somewhere in 2005, I was one of those very few who owned a Porsche in Mumbai. But I was always responsible for my choices. I was challenged for road races by many but I used to turn down the offers by saying that if you want to race let’s meet at the racing arena and not on the road .I love racing, which is why I pursued motor sports but that definitely doesn't mean that I'l drive on a road like a maniac.

Talking about the riches, I too have seen struggle in my life. I am deeply rooted to my family and have learnt that all this materialistic approach doesn't make one a bigger better person. When I am in Chandigarh I love driving the smallest car we have at our home, the one that belongs to our cook. Often my friends tell me that I am supposed to be driving an Audi or Q7 and my question to them is "How does that matter when I can reach my destination in time with the small one that I'm driving?"

All this has come to me from the my family, the wisdom of my parents.

  • Your tweet about a pair of Yeezy shoes intrigued me. Is that tweet pointing towards someone?

Oh absolutely no!

I just wanted to say that Yeezys are such overhyped shoes and everyone is going crazy about them, though there's nothing great about them. What surprises me in today’s time is that I see people going crazy after such materialistic stuff.

My pun of writing, "I thought they would make me fly“ is just to make people understand that even Yeezy are normal shoes and they won’t do something unimaginable. Nothing materialistic is worth being crazy for. Wearing these Yeezy or anything super flamboyant won’t make you a better person than the rest and we should grow up from flaunting unnecessary stuff.

We wish the aberrant star son Gurrick Maan all the best for his upcoming projects and would love to see what this man has in store for us in the coming days.

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