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Anuradha Menon Excited About Her First Theatrical Monologue

By: IANS | September 1, 2017

Actress Anuradha Menon, popular for her avatar Lola Kutty, says she is excited about her "first attempt in writing a dramatic theatrical monologue" through play "Take 35".

"Take 35" will be shown at the 11th edition of The Park's New Festival 2017, which began on Friday and will go on till September 21.

Organised by The Park Hotels, the fest is being held across six cities. It started in Chennai, and will travel to New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

"The play portrays the struggles of a child actor who hasn't quite made it in adulthood. It is my first attempt in writing a dramatic theatrical monologue," Anuradha told IANS over an email.

"It's a one-woman piece on a child actor Anamika as she looks back at her life at age she failed to make it big professionally, her relationship with her parents, sister and the way she comes to terms with her own failures. It will highlight the everyday things in a woman's life through the eyes of this girl," she added.

The fest focuses on art performances across music, dance and dramatic theatre genres. It is conceptualised and curated by The Park Hotels along with Prakriti Foundation.

Anuradha says when Ranvir Shah, the curator of the festival, approached her, "he insisted that I present something new".

"I've always been fascinated by child artists and the world they inhabit having met quite a few at shoots and auditions," she added.

Apart from Anuradha's play, there will be a classical music performance by renowned vocalist Roopa Mahadevan and a contemporary dance performance by Surjit Nongmeikpam.

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