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When Kim Claimed To Be Taylor Swift's 'Biggest' Fan

By: IANS | September 1, 2017

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian had once confessed she loves Taylor Swift and considers herself as the "biggest fan" of the singer.

Kim and Swift are not on talking terms now after the former's husband and rapper Kanye West dissed Swift in his "Famous" track.

However, a never-seen-before interview at a red carpet in 2009, has revealed Kim was once in awe of Swift.

On the red carpet at a 2009 party, when asked about the number one song on her iPod at the time, Kim had told "‘Love story' by Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan."

The event where Kim made the confession took place in March 2009, when Swift was still known as a country artist and Kim was not married to West.

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