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Guru Randhawa Interview : 'Bollywood Increases Your Reach And More People Get To Love Your Work!"

By: Prakriti | August 29, 2017

His journey to the top wasn't easy but now that he's enjoying the stardom, he has no regrets whatsoever. The 'High Rated Gabru' Guru Randhawa became the talk of town after his two smashers 'Patola' and 'Khat'. He even won awards for his singles. Hailing from Gurdaspur, this Punjabi singer was pretty excited about his Bollywood debut but now there seems to be no stopping him.

From Hindi Medium to Simran, Guru's songs are topping the charts. We even heard that he'll be making his acting debut soon but what more is there for him in the pipeline??

Let's hear it from the man himself - Guru Randhawa:


  • After being signed with T-Series, you are all over the place in B-town. Is it due to this association that your dynamics in the industry have changed?

It’s been long that I have been signed by T-Series and have been making music. I still am and I'd disagree to the fact that only after being signed by the label, am I around in Bollywood. I had been delivering hits before, just that they were regional and confined to a limited number of people but now the scale has increased and more people are getting to hear my songs. By god's grace, they all love my music.

  • How important it is to be signed by a good label?

A good label plays a vital role in an artiste's life and frankly all labels are equally good. What matters is the quality of content that is being delivered by the artiste. After all, it is the artist's work that will uplift the label and if that's good, only then can a label push it and promote it.

A good label comes as an artiste's back-end strength, but that's also possible only when the artiste is giving them quality stuff in return.

  • How were you approached for 'Suit Suit' for Hindi Medium? Did you expect it to be such a huge hit?

The song 'Suit Suit' was with T-Series as a single and the movie Hindi Medium was also with them. As Irrfan Khan's character in the movie was a shop owner in Chandni Chowk, the makers thought of changing a few lyrics from this song and featuring it in the movie. I thought that was a great idea and soon things started taking shape and I am happy with the way they've turned out for me.

'Suit Suit' was already a big hit before the movie and was loved by Punjabis globally. But because it was a Punjabi song, it reached out only to Northern states. After getting featured in the movie, it spread out across the nation and we could see everyone loving the song. It is the reach that made the song more popular and a bigger hit. I always feel overwhelmed by the love I receive for my work and Suit Suit getting so much love from all across made me speechless. It has raised the bars high for me too. 

  • You have your second Bollywood track out featuring Kangana Ranaut. How big a leap has Bollywood given to your career?

It surely is a big leap. Working in Bollywood increases your horizon as you become globally heard. My song featuring in Simran, and the kind of response we have got, is spellbinding. Majorly because the song is in a movie which has a worldwide reach.

  • What, according to you, is the difference between Bollywood and Punjabi music industry?

We really can’t compare both these industries as both are different and good at their own ends. Punjabi Music industry has a limited audience whereas Bollywood carries you to a worldwide audience. This is basically the reason why a person grows faster in Bollywood than the regional industry. The only difference is the reach.  

  • Tell us about your acting debut

I had been offered many Punjabi movies but picked only the one that I felt suited me best. I have been signed for the movie but I can't disclose the details as of now. Soon, you'll get to see updates coming from my end.

  • What preparations have you done as an actor?

I am preparing for my movie by taking acting classes to brush up my skills.

  • Which song of yours other than 'Suit Suit' deserves a place in Bollywood?

I think all my songs deserve a place in Bollywood. I have put equal amount of hardwork in all of them.

  • Which is your next song to be featured in a Bollywood movie?

My song” Tu Meri Rani” would soon be heard in Tumhari Sullu starring Vidya Balan in the main lead. Many other projects are in the pipeline, would reveal when they are confirmed.


We wish him all the best for his musical journey and look forward to seeing him in his debut film soon. Till then stay glued to Ghaintpunjab because it is only this platform where we get you some authentic and exclusive stuff from the Punjabi artists placed worldwide.


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