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This Punjabi Actress Seems Unhappy With Her Skin Tone! Promotes Whitening Face Powder

By: Prakriti | August 27, 2017

Many from the film industry are against promoting skin whitening products and have even refused great offers. Reason - they think it is unethical to promote an unnatural beauty myth and one's skin tone is no measure for judging someone’s beauty.

But I guess our Patiala girl Navneet Kaur Dhillon is ashamed of her own skin tone, which is probably why she's promoting a skin whitening face powder!

Take a look at the ad:

Navneet Kaur Dhillon , the Ambarsariya actress is promoting a whitening face powder on national television and in times when people are becoming more tolerant towards varied skin tones globally, here's our former Miss India openly promoting racist mindset, I mean what in the world is wrong with dusky skin??


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