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Is Badshah Missing Honey Singh?? Probably After Listening To His Fresh Release You Too Will Feel So!

By: Prakriti | August 28, 2017

A new track by Badshah is doing rounds on YouTube and after listening to it, we have so many questions in our mind. 'Ek tha mera bhai ( therapy) ' is the name of the track and we are still wondering if this one's directed to Badshah's yesteryear buddy Honey Singh.

Sung by Badshah, this song hasn't been released on any big label. Many YouTube channels have uploaded it and it is spreading like wild fire. Badshah's official YouTube account is carrying the song which according to him is just a song for the others but a therapy for him.

The rap is way too honest and makes us feel that no matter how high one goes, there is always this stage where he feels that he needs selfless friends, those who stood by him when he was nothing!

The story of friends turning enemies isn't new and has happened with Badshah & Honey Singh too. A talented duo who once revolutionized the music industry, Badshah and Honey were best of friends. But soon, they were looked upon as competitors, thanks to their much hyped fight. Honey has been away from the industry since very long and according to sources, he is all set for his comeback. On the contrary, Badshah is making the top most songs of bollywood movies thesedays and will soon launch his own clothing line. 

"Ek tha mera bhai' has some lines such as 'sage bhai bane anjaane, anjaane bane bhai' and 'ek tha mera bhai, ajj uski yaad ayi, wo bhi kaisa time tha kyun hogaye lada, Saari saari raat studio mein karte the bakai, ladke thee do dili ki jinhone history banayee”, which make the listener feel that somewhere these are directed towards Honey Singh! 


Is it only us or you too have the same feel?? Listen to it and let us know:

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