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Have Become Calmer After Adopting Girls, Says Debina

By: IANS | August 23, 2017

TV actress Debina Bonnerjee says after adopting two girls, her actor-husband Gurmeet Choudhary and she have achieved a calmer state of mind.

The couple adopted two girls, Pooja and Lata, who belong to Gurmeet's hometown in Jarampur, Bihar.

Asked about parenthood, Debina told IANS: "By adopting two girls, I think we have entered into a much calmer and giving state of mind and I think that is how we always were. It's just that we did not know how to channelise it."

The actress says they would visit "certain organisations" to spend time with children.

"We used to go to certain organisations and spend a lot of time and there were many... And then we would segregate one or two out of them, who would come near and talk to us and we would remember them the next time and they would look forward for us to visit them the next time.

"So, this is a much more a definite way of doing it instead of doing it in a more genralised," she said.

Debina says adoption was always on their mind.

"This was something we always wanted to and if we can make two lives better, then there is nothing more than that," she said.

Debina is currently seen on &TV's "Comedy Dangal".

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