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Singer Frankie Bridge Calls Social Media Trolls As 'Cowards'

By: IANS | August 19, 2017

Singer Frankie Bridge feels that people who troll others over social media are "cowards".

Bridge has previously been subjected to harsh criticism on social media platforms like Twitter, and she believes the general public is unaware of the severity of the problem, reports

"I was really surprised that people weren't aware that this goes on. I find it a really important subject. Social media is massive, it can be an amazing platform, but some people use it in the wrong way," Bridge said on TV show "Lorraine".

Frankie is trying to put a spotlight on the issue through a new TV documentary called "Celeb Trolls: We're Coming To Get You".

"We find a victim and we try and track down their troll, so much hard work goes into it. We send them a letter, give them an opportunity to speak. If they say no - we just turn up! A lot of them run away. It says a lot - it shows they're cowards.

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