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Wear Shoes According To Occasion! Here's Your Guide To Just The Perfect Pair

By: Harloveen | August 19, 2017

Half the battle is won when you are wearing the right footwear with your outfit in sync with the occasion. Experts suggest that a black suit should always be matched with black shoes but a grey suit can be paired with either black or brown.

Kuldeep Singh, Managing Director, San Frissco, and Saggar Mehra, Creative Director at Sunil Mehra, have listed a guide to decoding shoes matching with the occasion:

* Corporate shoes: Lace-up dress shoes would be perfect for making an impression in client meetings and office conferences. A black suit should always be matched with black shoes. A grey suit can be paired with either black or brown, likewise with navy blue and light blue suits.

* Friday formals: Fridays are mostly relaxed and so should be the shoes. Well, relaxed is fine but it should still be in line with official decorum, hence leather loafers are a great way to celebrate the much anticipated weekend. And if one wishes to experiment, one can opt for something textured and groovy too to suit their personal style.

* Sunday vibe: Whether one is going on a movie date or fetching groceries for the coming week, comfort is what one aims for. Going for sturdy, reliable and comfortable sneakers can never go wrong with comfortable denims and tees or even a well fitted shirt that's mostly how one dresses on a Sunday.

* Evening shoes: Evening shoes serve different purposes. They should be versatile in design so that one can switch from being on a dinner to going to a party. Shoes like brogues and suede loafers are fit for almost all your evening commitments. They are trendy, comfortable and stylish.

* Wedding shoes: Wedding shoes for men are broadly distinguished in two categories -- Indian and Western. The traditional embroidered Jootis or the leather strapped sandals are the right choice if you opt for a proper traditional look for attending a wedding. Formal lace up shoes and even loafers go well with suits and bandhgalas.


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