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Oh! So You Couldn't Teach Your Kids Punjabi?? Don't Worry Cs These Raagis Can Even Sing English Translated Gurbani

By: Kirat | August 18, 2017

In today's world, people are becoming more extrovert and are getting rid of unwanted myths and back dated thought processes but there are some who are trying hard to pass own there culture and ethics to their future generations. 

In such times, Punjabis have been actively promoting their language across the globe and it isn't just any other language, it is becoming one of the most spoken languages in a large number of places. But what happens when there are more people who fail to teach their kids Punjabi but still want them to learn Gurbani??

Well..they get raagis who can sing English translated Gurbani! 

Don't believe us? Watch this video and then you'll get our point:

Though we're not commenting on whether this practice is good or bad but we'll still prefer the authentic ragas and shabads of Gurbani being sung, atleast in a Gurughar! 

What's your take on it??

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