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Some Bromance Budding Between Ammy Virk & Ranjit Bawa?? We've Got Proof!

By: Prakriti | August 21, 2017

Ammy Virk and Ranjit Bawa, both singer turned actors are doing pretty well for themselves in the industry and are the current hot favourites. Though Bawa's filmy journey has been a little unfortunate but we're hoping that his upcoming films will do him good.

Usually it is considered that two fellow actors in the same industry can never be friends are are always competing with each other, but here, the case is pretty different!

There seems to be some strong bromance budding between these two actors and rather than competing, they are generally seen supporting each other in the best way.

Ammy had earlier announced his movie Harjeeta and later we got to know that Ranjit is also doing a Hockey movie named Khido Khundi. The release date of the movie is in the same year and most probably the same month. But in an earlier interview with Ranji, he clearly mentioned that Ammy is his veer (brother) and there is simply no competition between them. 

Thesedays, both these Punjabi hunks are busy practicing Hockey for their respective movies but recently, while stalking their Snapchat, I found out that it's not just the films but even other things that are coinciding for them!

Maybe it is pure coincidence and I am kinda joining the dots but they've both bought a car on the same day and then posted it one social media and we thought it was worth a share:

Like iko din!!!

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