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Designer Narendra Kumar Steps Into Filmmaking With Digital Movie

By: IANS | August 12, 2017

Ace designer Narendra Kumar has stepped into filmmaking with a digital movie titled "The Marriage of Shayla Patel". It will show the generational clash of thought and identity along with talking about what really is the meaning of the term family in current times.

"The film is about a generational clash of thought and identity and what really is the meaning to to the term family in the current times especially in India given the gender and identity issues involved," Kumar told IANS.

The film is going to be released at the forthcoming edition of Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) on August 20 at the St Regis Hotel in Mumbai.

Talking more about the plot, the designer said that its a story about Shayla Patel, a modern girl, a writer who is educated abroad and well travelled.

"She belongs to a wealthy, educated and conservative (family), living in Mumbai. It has been proposed that she marry someone who they feel is suitable and in keeping with their background and social status. Shayla has no problem with Druv Mehta as he is a successful and handsome boy with a similar background. Like Shayla, he's smart and well travelled and her friends think she's extremely lucky to be matched with Druv and couldn't be happier for her.  

"However Shayla's secret dilemma is whether she follows her own desires at the risk of isolating herself from her family, friends and society. Will her parents still consider her as family if she follows her own heart...."

Kumar, who has showcased his collection at the major fashion weeks platforms, feels that "filmmaking is also a creative process that requires a sense of aesthetics"

"My shows from the very beginning have been stories about life around me in terms of people and how we have changed over the recent past. It is a natural progression that I moved into telling the same stories on film," he said.

He says that digital also makes the whole process more accessible in terms of economics but the story still needs to remain the main focus.

"I have created many fashion films for Amazon which also has helped push me in that direction. Films give me the ability to reach a larger audience while fulfilling my need for innovation when it comes to design. All my past experiences as fashion editor, photographer designer and creative director have helped me look at the film from all possible angles. The fact that I had complete control from conceptualising the story to execution was exhilarating," he said.

Kumar says that telling stories whether on the ramp or on celluloid interests him very much.

"Stories about our times never nostalgic. Current issues are what matter most to me. The experience making this was stressful to say the least especially when you as an individual are responsible for every aspect of the film from conceiving the story to directing the film looking at its aesthetics to cinematography and finally the editing," said the designer. 

So what next?

"Fashion will continue to remain the focus around all of what I do. Fashion is very much a strong component. The clothes show a definite trend and direction in terms of styles and colours. It's for the new age bride which is very much in keeping with the story and the personality and lifestyle of the main character," he said.

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