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Woah! Punjabi Women Just Outdid Everyone Else In Buying Maximum Number Of Adult Toys

By: Harloveen | August 11, 2017

If you still have this notion in your head that a Punjabi woman is a typical suit salwar clad sharmakal naari then here's a face off! 

In an era where people are becoming more open about their personal fantasies, our Punjabans have simply outdone everyone else in being experimental, when it comes to their sex life. 

In a recent survey, it was concluded that the highest number of sex products were sold in Punjab last year, which included massagers, vibratos, dildos, etc.

Also, during Navaratri season, the sale of sex products in Gujarat including condoms goes up. Products like adult games, edible lingeries, edible body paints and pleasure rings are sold at a very rapid rate.

Here's a clearer picture:

Some of these facts surprised us too but we are happy that Indian women are finally getting their share of fun in bed and that's truly the mantra to a happy and contended life.

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