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Amritsar Twins Rahul Rajan Are In The City To Promote India's Best Judwaah

By: Kirat | August 10, 2017

Celebrating the unique connection shared by identical twins from across the country, Zee TV's recently launched non-fiction show India's Best Judwaah has grabbed audience eyeballs right since its premiere on 22nd July. Exploring the twins' world of uncanny similarities and delightful surprises for the first time on Indian television, Zee TV pioneers yet another homegrown non-fiction format. So, are twins stark opposites of each other in every other way barring their resemblance or do they mirror each other in the way they think, move, process and behave? Come find out as   'India's Best Judwaah' Special Partner Finolex Cables airs every Saturday-Sunday at 8 PM. The show separates these inseparable judwaahs for the first time in their lives into two different houses and through a slew of physical and mental challenges, check how truly connected they are with their twins - Kitne Jude, Kitne Judaa! After extensive online auditions and a comprehensive nationwide hunt, Zee TV and Monozygotic have discovered 11 adorable judwaahs from Amritsar, Pali, Delhi, Nagpur, Benaras, Sahranpur, Kashmir, Ajmer, Bangalore and Kinnaur. The twin brothers from Pali, Amritsar Rahul-Rajan are in the city to talk about their experience on the show.

This 10-week non-fiction series has been aptly conceived, conceptualized and produced by the country's most celebrated twins - Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman of Monozygotic Solutions. Each of the twins have a very tangible connection that is bound to endear them to audiences. Amongst the 11 pair of contestants Rahul and Rajan are one happy-go-lucky duo from Amritsar, Punjab who are inseparable and unlike most men who keep their hands off each other, they keep pulling each other's cheeks, peck each other and hug each other at the drop of a hat! They do everything together - be it eating from the same plate or sharing the same wallet, phone and a joint Facebook account. Both are teachers by profession. They have never needed anyone else around them as long as they have each other!

Speaking on their journey in the show, Rahul Rajan says, "We had fun till the time that we were in the house competing with other 11 contestants. Everyone has loved our positivity and that we had a happy-go-lucky attitude. There are a thousand little fascinating things about the lives of identical twins which you would know only if you are one. We are sure from this show, people will get to know more about twins and their behavior; ranging from telepathy even when you are miles apart to completing each other's sentences, reading each other's minds, gut instincts that guide us when the other is about to return home and instinctively opening the door to find the other there - these are small things, perhaps, but they make your twin the single-most important person in your life. There were tasks designed to bring the core of our unique relationship to the surface for the world to see."

Bringing alive unique aspects of the twins' bond in his own inimitable style will be TV heartthrob and father of twins himself - Karanvir Bohra, seen as a host for the very first time on Indian television.  In the upcoming Independence special episode of India's Best Judwaah, get ready to watch some high-octane drama and fun on the show. Karanvir's wife Teejay surprises everyone by getting their twins on the show and shares how after their twin daughters' birth, they have become more responsible and slowly understanding their behavior too. In the competition round, Uzma-Bushra from Kashimir leave everyone spell-bound with their connection. The competition is getting tougher day-by-day as everyone has pulled up their socks and are ready to prove their connection to become India's Best Judwaah. Which contestant will gain immunity and who will leave the house?

To find out, stay tuned to India's Best Judwaah' Special Partner Finolex Cables every Saturday-Sunday at 8 PM, only on Zee TV

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