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Babuji To Rubbish Religious Superstitions In Chidiyaghar

By: Gurjit | August 10, 2017

Chidiyaghar has always been treating its audience with moral lessons and values. In an upcoming episode, Babuji teaches chidiyaghar members about social superstitions that needs to be taken away from the society. Chidiyaghar airs Monday – Friday at 7.30pm only on Sony SAB.

 The track opens with Gadha Prasad (Jitu Shivare) buying a watermelon but soon Koyal notice a God’s image on the outer part of the water melon. Being religious and superstitious, Koyal (Aditi Sajwan) stops everyone from eating the watermelon and declares that it’s a blessing from the God himself. Taking advantage of the situation, Ghotak (Paresh Ganatra) immediately plans to make profit out of this situation. He creates a small temple inside the house and keeps the watermelon as the statue of the God. Everyone in Chidiyaghar mahula comes to seek its blessing. Witnessing this, Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) gets furious and opposes Ghotak’s decision to make money out every situation. But Ghotak doesn’t listen to him. To teach Ghotak a lesson for his doings, Babuji eats the watermelon. When the devotees come to know this fact, they all get furious and attack Chidiyaghar.

  How will Babuji save Chidiyaghar this time?

Commenting on the track, Paresh Ganatra who plays the role of Ghotak said, “Chidiyaghar always believe in dealing the sensitive issues of society with utmost care and teaching the right thing in a right way. This track focus on social taboos that our society is dealing with, where we blindly follow someone’s belief. We want people to stop being superstitious.”

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