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"It Is Like Coming Back Home To This Label That Recognised My First Work" - Harrdy Sandhu

By: Prakriti | August 16, 2017

Harrdy Sandhu, the popular Punjabi singer who is known to have introduced concept based videos to the Punjabi audiences has now a reason to be joyous. In times when everybody is opening up their own music labels, this man with immense talent got picked up by one of the biggest labels in the music industry, Sony Music. Light eyed, handsome Harrdy is now their exclusive artist and well how could we stay back without asking a few questions. We were inquisitive to ask him about how a music label plays a vital role in an artist's life and here's what he had to say:

How is it to be signed with such a big music label?

I have been contemplating the call for a long time now but I thought that now was the right time to take the decision. I made my debut on Sony Music India with my first ever album, “This is Hardy Sandhu”. So it is only like coming back home to this label that recognized my first work. I trust the team and the team is recognized around the world. I feel elated to work with these professionals. I am positive and excited for my future projects with  this team.

What role does a music label play in the life of an artist?

A label comes with specialized A&R expertise that works as an add-on to what an artiste can do. There is great guidance and a long term vision that comes along with a label like this. So it becomes easy for me to concentrate on my music and singing while my management is looking into everything else. I channelize my efforts towards just singing and nothing else. I have a strong team working on the rest behind my back. It is such a relief when you don’t have to do all the running around and professionals manage everything for you and make things easier.

These days many composers are opening their own labels, is it a boon or a bane for the industry?

My personal opinion on this matter is just that as long as these people recognize and appreciate great music and promote quality content, it is a boon for the industry. I personally want talented people to come in and raise the bar of this industry. It’s great to see new labels as they would bring in many more talented artists in the industry.

What difference do you feel after being in a new music label?

It’s great to have a whole team working with you and planning different facets of your career. There is a lot of focus on quality of content including the music that we launch, PR efforts and also our Live show experiences. Talent and hard work will surely help you but a good team is required to market it well and bring it in the broader hemisphere. A team like mine has opened many zones for my work. They are experimental, analytical and very professional in terms of work.

After two movies, do we get to see you in more?

I am concentrating on my singing as per now and just that, but things will fall in line very soon. I am reading a few scripts but nothing challenging and interesting has come up yet so I am waiting for that one right role. We’ll have to wait and watch. I am open to exciting roles that come my way.

We wish this singer all the best for his ventures and are looking forward for much more from him. By the way, have you checked out his freshly released look for his upcoming song??

He's simply unrecognizable! 




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