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Sony SAB Presents A Triple Role Comedy Series - ‘Shankar Jai Kishan – 3-in-1

By: Amarjit | August 4, 2017

Two is a company, three is a crowd! But what happens when one person plays three different people?

One such story of triplets will be showcased on Sony SAB’s upcoming light hearted fictional comedy show, ‘Shankar Jai Kishan – 3-in-1’. A story about a paralyzed widow and her triplets, Shankar, Jai and Kishan. Their life takes a bewildering turn when in an accident only Kishan survives, and has to camouflage the truth by living three lives. How Kishan manages this triple role ka jhol and juggles between each character will be interesting to watch!  ‘Shankar Jai Kishan – 3-in-1’ is slated to go on air from Tuesday, 8th of August, every Monday to Friday at 22:00 hours on Sony SAB.

Set in Delhi, the story centers on Kishan, played by Kettan Singh, a real estate agent and a perfect ‘Jugaadu’ in its true sense; a typical Delhi boy who finds a solution to every situation. Kishan dotes on his mother, enacted by Asawari Joshi, who is wheelchair bound due to a stroke she got on hearing news of her husband’s sudden death. Kishan, who loses his brothers Shankar and Jai in an accident, decides to hide the truth from his mother on his friend Babbar’s (Hemant Pandey) advice and lives all the three lives to prevent his mother from yet another shock.

Living the life of three is not easy! Shankar is a poised veterinary doctor who talks in fluent Hindi, whereas Jai is a rowdy police inspector. Each being a separate identity, Kishan juggles between the three lives. However, his life turns upside down when his mother emotionally blackmails him to marry and he ends up marrying three sisters, Twinkle, Dimple and Simple.

Essaying the role of Shankar, Jai and Kishan, the talented Kettan Singh plays the befitting lead in the show along with Falak Naaz as Twinkle Kapoor, Kirtida Mistry as Dimple Kapoor and Chitrashi Rawat as Simple Kapoor. As the story unfolds, viewers will witness a journey full of humor, romance, suspense and drama.


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