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Recovery From Drug Addiction Is Possible: Prateik Babbar

By: IANS | August 2, 2017

Actor Prateik Babbar, who was earlier addicted to drugs, says a person can easily overcome addiction if he accepts that its not a moral failing.

Prateik has starred in a new video titled "#DilSeAzaad", which highlights the various social stigmas associated with addiction and how addicts who go clean are still considered an outcast in a society that is consumed by labels and stereotypes.

The video was released on Culture Machine's digital channel Blush on Wednesday.

"Through this video, I want people to understand that I wasn't born an addict and no one consumes drugs to get addicted. I have moved mountains to overcome addiction and now drugs for me is like a bad chapter that is all over," Prateik said in a statement.

"If I have moved on, I would want the world to move on too and not stay addicted to my past. I believe acceptance and speaking can help change the face of addiction. By speaking out you can help people see the reality of addiction by educating others about the disease, and letting the world see that the stereotypes of people suffering from addiction are actually the exception rather than the rule.  

"Accept that addiction is not a moral failing, and does not make you a bad person, even if you have made poor choices. Addiction recovery is possible, and acceptance is one of the first steps to get you there," he added.

Prateik will next be seen in films like "Baaghi 2" and "Mulk".

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