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I Believe In Freedom Of Expression: Raghu Ram

By: IANS | August 1, 2017

Raghu Ram of "MTV Roadies" fame, says he believes in freedom of expression but feels there has to responsible self-regulation too, when it comes to television shows.

Asked if he feels that reality TV shows should tone down a bit for family viewing, Raghu told IANS: "I will not assume to tell people on how to make shows... I believe in freedom of expression and being able to say things. People should be allowed to say what they want, but I also believe that there has to be a responsible self regulation as far as what should be said and what not should be said."

Raghu said it is a "debate which does not have a single opinion or a solution".

"Every show has a unique set of circumstances, so you cannot say that there is one problem with reality TV shows... There is a problem of regressive content in fiction, but you can't say that it's true with all fiction shows. There are some shows which are regressive in fiction, there are some shows which are abusive in non-fiction. 

"But you cannot use that as an example to slot all content in that genre," he added.

Raghu is currently busy with his new show "Dropout Pvt Ltd" on MTV. He is seen hosting the show with his brother Rajiv Laxman. 

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