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Soni Razdan Offers Health Tips To Anupam Kher

By: IANS | July 31, 2017

Actress Soni Razdan has advised actor Anupam Kher to carry biscuits and dried fruits to events after the latter blanked out at an awards function earlier this month.

Anupam shared a blind item which read that an actor who was in New York for an awards show had a "heart-related ailment in the middle of the junket".

Anupam tweeted this, and posted: "Let me unburden you. This is about me. Hadn't eaten for hours so had blanked out. Salman Khan called paramedics."

To this, Soni, who is Alia Bhatt's mother, wrote: "Ai hai please eat every two hour. Carry dried fruits and biscuits always especially to award functions." 

On Sunday, Anupam also completed 509 films in 32 years of his career.

"Thank you Indian film industry for standing by me for 509 films in 32 years. This is the best place in the world. Honoured and humbled. Jai ho," Anupam tweeted. 


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