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Lols! Have You Seen This 'Despacito' Parody Yet?? 'O Dilpreeto' Is As Hilarious As It Can Possibly Be

By: Gurleen | July 25, 2017

Punjabis can do just anything and why shouldn't they, aakhir hunde ee ehne talented ne. Though we've all been singing this song 'Despacito' off lately par rabb janda ke matlab 99% nu ni pta hona ke gana hai ki hai


But now that we've all hummed it loud enough, here comes a Delhi vala version of 'Despacito', which has been titled 'O Dilpreeto' and I swear, I'd been wanting to make some thing like this since so long...Like minds han

Punjabi parody of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s mega-blockbuster song Despacito shows two Punjabi men on a scooter pursuing a woman ‘Dilpreeto’, who promptly tells them to stop following her. The two, resilient as ever, try to woo her with a sequence that closely mimics the original video. They sing of their Punjabi swag, hilariously reminding her that “Swimming karke pehen ke hum to speedo, mere aage sab ladke mosquito, keh de haan, I’m very dheeto, ohh Dilpreeto!

This Punjabi version by Old Delhi Films is something that we've all seen, heard and for some - even gone through! Unlike the original video, the girl, instead of being taken in by their charms, gets frustrated with their drame resulting in her slapping one of the men. And again, true to the image of stereotypical Indian men, they remain undeterred – they console each other, reminding themselves there are more women to pursue, and continue to sing, “Oh Harpreeto, oh Gurpreeto, oh Paramjeeto, o meri saari jeeetooon...

Watch the full video HERE:


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