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My Thoughts Revolve Around Ratings: Param Singh

By: IANS | July 18, 2017

TV actor Param Singh, who is seen as "Rangeela" in "Ghulaam", says the ratings of the show are the responsibility of the lead actor and he wants his show to be loved and appreciated.

"While a show is about teamwork, there's more onus on the lead actor to make a show successful. So, I start suffering from anxiety when playing the protagonist. Also, my thoughts constantly revolve around ratings... I am sure it is common for all actors," Param said in a statement.

As an actor, Param feels that he will choose content over commercial success.

"Yes, everyone desires for a successful outing but as an actor one craves for good work. If you have managed to pull off a challenging role, you will be more pleased as an actor."

The Life Ok show revolves around the ancient land of Berahampur, where women are treated like prisoners and no respect is shown towards them. Things take a drastic turn when a new person challenges the ideology of the villagers.


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