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Exclusive Interview With The Lead Actress Of Khido Khundi - Elnaaz Norouzi

By: Prakriti | April 10, 2018

Rohit Jugraj’s Khido Khundi is already the talk of town, primarily for reasons like Rohit’s confession of this being the best hockey movie ever, the star cast and for being an offbeat movie from a director who has made commercial hits only.

With Manav and Mandy on one side and Ranjit and  Elnaaz Norouzi on the other, we thought of finding out more about this fresh entrante to Pollywood. Elnaaz is a beautiful Iranian girl brought up in Germany. We were totally in aww after seeing her pictures and equally excited to hear that a girl who is from an Iranian background and has no relation with Punjab is doing a Punjabi movie. Intrigued by this fact we wanted to know more about this actress and that's when we contacted her.

Here is what the actress had to reveal about herself, her struggles, her entry into Punjabi industry and much more - Exclusively  on GhaintPunjab :

Elnaaz, tell us about your background and how did you land in the glamour world?

I am an Iranian girl but brought up in Germany. I am someone who was always fascinated by the glamour world and started modeling when I was as young as 14 years old. Later, after watching numerous Bollywood and Hollywood movies, I just knew that I wanted to be an actress. Bollywood fascinated me much and I started working towards my dream.

Is Khido Khundi your first project? How did you bag it?

Yes, this is my first project which hopefully will release next year. Other than this I did a Bollywood movie which was dropped in the middle. I met Rohit while he was looking for someone for this role. After knowing each other he thought I fit well in the role of Naaz Grewal and I gave it a shot. I loved my role and the script of the movie and therefore said Yes, when he narrated me this role.

Do you have any Punjabi connect? What made you say yes to a Punjabi movie?

I absolutely have 'NO' Punjabi connect but when Rohit narrated the script of the movie to me, I said yes because being an actor language is no bar for me. I just want to work hard and do good cinema. Rohit’s script was different and very convincing. All the more it had the element of hockey in it and I used to play hockey in my childhood and I was really excited about it. Something which convinces you, excites you is something you should do and that is what I did and said yes for the movie.

If you have no Punjabi connect how did you get acquainted with the language?

I learnt Punjabi for this particular movie and I am still learning the language. I have my classes going on in Mumbai.

Tell us about your role in Khido Khundi?

The name of my character is Elnaaz who lives in London and I am opposite Ranjit Bawa in the movie. I am a Punjabi girl brought up in British land so I have crooked Punjabi. I live with my parents. I meet Ranjit in college, who is playing the role of Fateh, because of Hockey. That is where our story begins.

Why did you choose a multi starrer as your debut movie? Aren’t you insecure about the screen space?

Maybe this really didn’t matter to me much. I always concentrate on my role and the script, both of them have to be good enough for me to do the movie. The screen space thing never bothers me; I just want to do well in whatever time and space I have got in the movie.

Share with us your experience with the star cast as you’ve finished the first schedule of the movie

It was an absolute pleasure for me. The director is great and the star cast is superb. It was my first time when I was working with them and they made my birthday so special. The entire team was celebrating my birthday and I have never had such an amazing birthday ever. It feels so warm when you have a team like that.

How has your chemistry been with Ranjit Bawa?

We both are very similar. We keep laughing and cracking up. Often in a crying or a serious scene, we used to crack up loud. Even on the sets we used to pull each other’s leg and had super fun. Talking about the chemistry, I would say that I was pretty comfortable and happy to work with this man.

Have you been watching Punjabi movies? If yes, then which one is your favorite?

Yes, I have. I have watched all of my director’s movies. I recently watched Sardaarji and I loved it.

Tell us about your struggles to be an actress

I am the only child of my parents. I stay away from my parents in Mumbai and for years I have been trying to get into the industry. It is not an easy place to live in. It takes quite some time to know who is genuine and who is not. Many misguide you and some would help you but you become a better judge of life.

Why did your Bollywood project stop in the middle?

There were many reasons to it. I had prepared for my role for more than a year but when things got down in real, many things didn’t work out. The director left in the middle as he had his own commitments. It was disheartening for me but I got myself working and got this project later.

What are your expectations from the Punjabi industry?

It’s great to see that this regional industry is doing so well and is getting noticed worldwide. I love the way meaningful cinema is making its place .The language and the people are lovely. I expect that everyone would give me love as they see me working in the industry.

Tell us your fitness regime

I have been doing a lot of dancing which I completely love and enjoy. Also I have started yoga and I am learning it.

Tell me that one secret beauty tip

Never ever wear makeup to sleep. It completely damages your skin. Remove your makeup no matter how tired you are and put a nice moisturizer and sleep.

Share with us your diet regime

I am currently on a Gluten free diet and I have promised myself to eat healthy. Also I think I am going to turn vegan very soon.

Which is your dream role that you would want to do right away, if given a chance?

Mastani from Bajirao Mastani is the role I would love to do and is my dream role.

Wishing her all the best  we signed off hoping that we see her performing well in this newly chosen industry which has made the life of many and has alienated many as well.  

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