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Gaurav Kapur & Roshan Singh Landa All Set To Shake Up Asian Music Scene With 'Dil Mitran Da' Ft. Ashok Gill

By: Kirat | July 17, 2017

Talented music making duo Gaurav Kapur and Roshan Singh Landa are back with their third single; ‘Dil Mitran Da’ (Ft Ashok Gill)

Born and raised in the North East of England, this duo is ready to shake up the Asian music scene with their fresh new vibe.

The forthcoming productions by Gaurav and Roshan are a realisation of their dreams. The passion that the duo share for music is captivating. Staying true to their passion, and undeterred, the two are sure to create waves in the coming years with a dream of producing music for Indian Cinema.

Dil Mitran Da ft Ashok Gill is being released as an EP on all major digital platforms.

The duo have composed 2 versions of the song to cater for all audiences. Sticking to their own unique sound, they are releasing a Funk version along with a Desi (Back To Basics) version.

They don’t stop there!

They have several releases planned with vocals by Master Rakesh & Ashok Gill.

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