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Uh Oh! There Is No Way That Toofan Singh Will Ever Get Clearance For Release In India

By: Maddy | July 14, 2017

Originally scheduled for release on July 15, 2016, Toofan Singh got postponed after the censor board refused clearance. They were not able to reach a consensus. Soon after, in September 2016, a revising committee refused certification to the movie citing that “the film depicts anti-national elements and glorifies Khalistan movement.”

The board decided that the makers be given another chance and the movie was asked to be amended and re-submitted on July 13, 2017 to CDFC.

According to HT, a spokesman for the producers of the film said, that following the decision of the CBFC, Royal Cine Arts re-mastered the entire film to address all points raised by the CBFC. Despite full co-operation, a fresh submission to the CBFC received an outright blanket refusal for clearance. A distinct message was also communicated outlining that clearance would never be granted regardless of current or any future amendments.

Toofan Singh is a film based on the story of a young Sikh boy growing up in Punjab during the turbulent 1980’s. The story is about his pursuit for justice, survival and equality for all.

The film is the directorial debut of Baghal Singh of Royal Cine Arts, who said, "It is highly disappointing that the CBFC have refused clearance despite our full co-operation with all industry rules and regulations. Furthermore, they have made it clear that regardless of our efforts, clearance will never be granted. This clearly indicates that the system is highly prejudicial and is openly restricting freedom of expression. A great deal of research, effort and cost has gone into producing and ensuring a high quality and authentic film was produced. In light of the unprecedented response to the film trailer, it is unfortunate that Indian audiences will be unable to watch the film. Toofan Singh will still be released internationally on the 4th of August and we will continue to make every effort to challenge the CBFC.”

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