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Excessive Fascination With Bollywood Can Leave Your Fans Disappointed Too!

By: Prakriti | July 19, 2018

Pollywood stars are often seen posting pictures/selfies with Bollywood celebs and writing captions that suddenly devalue their own star power. No matter how much love they get from Punjab and Punjabis across the world, but their fascination with Bollywood just doesn't settle down.

I fail to understand why. Why such a big hue and cry about going to Bollywood, being appreciated by Bollywood or getting an actor from Bollywood to feature in their film.

Let me give you instances when Pollywood actors have disappointed us much about how much undue importance they have been giving to Bollywood:

  • We shall do anything to be in Bollywood and bring down our own level of work: Neeru Bajwa has ruled Pollywood for quite sometime but her entry in Bollywood was disappointing. I mean why did she have to do Prince ever in her career? Similarly Surveen lost a lot of fan base after doing the extra bold Hate Story 2. Another example is Kulraj Randhawa, who did a movie which none of us noticed - Char Din Ki Chandni but during that time Pollywood was in love with her. My question remains the same - why run to Bollywood and lose your charm when Punjabi industry already loves you so much??
  • Being over excited if a Bollywood personality appreciates you: A very 'viral' example of the same is the stance when Sunanda Sharma’s song Patake was appreciated by Ranveer Singh during an interview. She was so elated by that compliment that she was all over the social media with a thank you and blah blah. Also, Jassie Gill met Pulkit Samrat on the sets of Veere Ki Wedding and shared their selfie, which is not wrong but the caption was a weak attempt to show how he got appreciated by Pulkit. 
  • Picking up actresses from Bollywood and not realizing the talent in our own industry: Yes, this has happened a lot of times and many complain about it as well but no one really wants to change it. From Aarti in Viyah 70 kms to Zaren Khan in Jatt James Bond, Sagarika Ghatge in Dildaariyan to Gauahar in OYAALG, none of the actresses could speak good Punjabi and neither could that act well but the marketing was done around these babes from B-town. Why not have actresses from our very own industry? 
  • Hype about a Bollywood personality or technician working in Punjabi movie: Undue hype about certain people from Bollywood sometimes turns out as a gimmick. Just market the movie saying that this actor is in our movie and when you watch the movie you don't even notice their presence in the film. Bhajji In Problem did that with us. I expected Akshay Kumar to have a bigger role in the movie but!  Alan Amin, the stunt director in Bollywood came to Punjab with Romeo Ranjha and that again was just a gimmick because after watching the movie you could see how funny some of the stunts looked.
  • And yes the item number babes: Remember Neeru Bajwa dancing to a sleazy song in Special 26? How about Surveen's  odd dancing in Dhoka Dhoka and Mandy Takhar's Pinki Punjabi in Bumboo??

Well, we have become an industry which Bollywood has noticed and they leave no chance to pick up best tracks and now, even actors. They have been inspired by our stories and some of our films are even being remade in Hindi.

I think we should be in no rat race to grab just any place in Bollywood, but let them come to us for who we are than doing us a favour by casting us in the film and then leaving us with nothing but captions on pictures tagging them purposely and saying 'thank you for this opportunity'.


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