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British Hired Someone At 7 Takas A Month To Malign Maharani Jinda's Character!

By: Team | July 13, 2017


The much awaited historical flick ‘The Black Prince’ is a true representation of historical facts and an eye-opener for many, who, seem to have a wide gap in their knowledge regarding the historical events.

They say that ‘Little knowledge is dangerous’. Distortion of historical facts has always been pivotal in the assumptions of everyday people, who have little or no knowledge about Sikh history. The misinterpreted character of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and his son; the only child of Maharani Jindan Kaur, Maharaja Duleep Singh, has lead to many such assumptions.

Sartaaj, himself addressed the issues, and threw light on the reality by some examples, which was far different from what was known to many. He showed how the date of birth of Maharajah at his grave is even wrong. He told that the basis of The Black Prince is the findings of Dr Ganda Singh and Maharajah Duleep Singh’s own narrative about the British Government and himself.  ‘The Black Prince’ shall bring forth all the historical facts in the truest form, and will lead to a change of heart of many. It will show the spiritual journey of Maharaja Duleep Singh.

He further stated that Maharani Jinda was a brave woman who terrified the British Empire. He gave a reference from Major Evans Bell’s book that the British hired a man to malign her character with a salary of 7 takas a month. She was female of integrity and she was more brave than men.

Film Director Kavi Raz, has meticulously worked upon this, and ensured that this true to life story touches a million hearts.

The film’s music, which is released by Saga Music, is taking the audience by the storm. Theatrical distribution in India, Australia, and New Zealand will be done by Seven Colors Entertainment, who have earlier, very successfully released films like Shivaay, Rustom, Commando 2, Running Shaadi, Lahoriye, etc.

‘The Black Prince’ will be released in 3 languages in English, Punjabi and Hindi in 18 countries.

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