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Not Fearful Of Mistakes: Ranbir Kapoor

By: IANS | July 11, 2017

Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor, who plays an innocent and intelligent boy in his upcoming film "Jagga Jasoos", says people usually lose their innocence in the process of experiencing life, but he has a way to keep his inner child alive and so, doesn't fear making mistakes.

Asked about the challenges one faces to keep the innocence going, Ranbir told IANS here: "Well, life happens, you know... You become greedier, skilful and self-conscious. You set a desire and work towards that... Fear of failure bothers you the most.

"You look at any child, they are always smiling, playful, they fall down and get up in no time... Observing that makes you realise your innocence has gone. Once the innocence is lost, there is no method to win it back."

However, Ranbir emphasised on the importance to keep the childlike quality alive for a creative person.

"I never lost interest in life. I am not jaded. I always have an interest in what is happening around and have an interest in the newness of life. I know once you are famous, a self-consciousness comes... But I am not fearful of mistakes because I learn from it."

So how was he as a child?

"I was quite an emotionless child. Like I am told that I used to play silently, no crying or screaming like other kids. But I was quite a happy child. Honestly, my memory is weak to recall anyone childhood memory."

Considering the fact that regardless of the box office success of a film, Ranbir's performance as an actor has always appreciated by audience and critics alike.

Asked about what keeps him motivated, he said: "I always try to play characters that are nowhere close to my personality. It is creatively interesting and at times challenging.

"I am not proving anything to the world of my acting skills, but yes, of course, I reciprocate all the love that I get from people. I want to do good work for myself. And you know what? The greatest challenge of an actor is to survive in this industry.

"So I am trying to do my best to things that I love to do - acting. I do not want to buy private jets and properties in different cities across the world," said Ranbir, adding: "I am trying to be a better version of myself every single day... Isn't it simple yet challenging?"

"Jagga Jasoos" is directed by Anurag Basu.

While the actor is a "big fan" of Tintin, he said that apart from the hairstyle of the character he plays in "Jagga Jasoos", there is no reference point he had to play Jagga.

"I think Dada (Basu) has taken different influences from his favourite childhood detective stories like Byomkesh Bakshi, Tin Tin, Feluda... but I can tell you that it's a very interesting original story and not inspired by Tintin. I had no reference point of this character."


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