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Health Blog : Drinking Water Empty Stomach Has These 8 Amazing Benefits!

By: Kirat | February 15, 2018

We are all well aware of the fact that water is the most essential component of Human body and while some have the capacity to drink loads of it in a day, there are others who simply shirk away everytime. 

But what if we told you that drinking water immediately after waking up has amazing benefits for your body? Would you believe us??

If yes, then from now onwards, here's why you should make this a habit:

  • Get your body toxin free! 

When you drink water on an empty stomach, it urges your bowels to move. While asleep, the body repairs itself and in that process releases toxins. On consuming water on an empty stomach, the body flushes out these harmful toxins and clears up, making you feel fresh and healthy. The body even gets the capacity of making new muscle cells and new blood cells when you drink plenty of water. 

  • Boosts Metabolism

People who are on strict dieting should know that drinking water on empty stomach can increase body's metabolic rate by at least 24%. That certainly means that one has a better digestive system which makes a diet routine easier to follow. Drinking water immediately after waking up purifies the colon, making it easier to absorb nutrients.

  • Strengthens Immune System

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps in flushing and balancing the lymphatic system, which leads to increased levels of immunity. A strong immune system will keep you safe from various diseases and prevent you from falling sick as often.

  • No More Kidney Stones and Bladder Stones

Kidney toxins are basically acids secreted by the body which lead to stones but drinking water on empty stomach dilutes those acids and thus saves your body from kidney and bladder stones. The more water you drink (to a healthy limit), the more you will be protected from various kinds of bladder infections caused by toxins.

  • Get Shiny, Healthy and Smooth Hair

 Having good amount of water provides nourishment to hair from inside out (water makes nearly one-fourth of the weight of a hair strand). Lack of water can cause frizzy, brittle hair which are easily damaged. Drinking water is good but on an empty stomach it improves the quality of hair to a greater extent.

  • Get Rid of Heartburns, Acidity and Indigestion

 When the stomach acid increases, one suffers from indigestion and that's when problems like heartburn and acidity arise. When you drink water on an empty stomach, the acids regurgitating into the oesophagus are pushed down and get diluted, solving the problem. Also, this provides a head start for your stomach for the upcoming breakfast.

  • Lose Weight But In A Healthy Way

 On an empty stomach, drinking water will release toxins from the body and improve digestive system, which in turn will curb down hunger and cravings. All this will help you in losing weight in a healthy manner.

  • Makes Skin Radiant And Improves Complexion

 Dehydration causes premature wrinkles and deep pores in the skin. It was found out in a study that drinking 500 ml of water on an empty stomach increases blood flow in the skin and makes skin glow. Also, drinking more water throughout the day means that your body is releasing toxins, which will make your skin more radiant.

So, now that you know the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach then make sure that from this moment onwards, before munching on to a digestive biscuit or sipping a warm cup of tea or coffee, you must drink enough water so as to help your body in feeling fresh and healthy throughout the day.


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