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Davis Accuses McConnell Of Living With Her 'Rent Free'

By: IANS | July 8, 2017

Actress Stephanie Davis has lashed out at her former beau Jeremy McConnell over social media, accusing him of "never paying child maintenance".

Davis accused McConnell over Twitter, following reports of him enjoying a night out with "Love Island" star Shannen Reilly McGrath days after their split, reports

Davis was arrested last week following a row with McConnell in a hotel. Following her arrest, McConnell claimed that she is pregnant with their second child.

"How people are so narrow minded. He has never paid child maintenance!! For his own son (Caben-Albi)! Lived in my home rent free. History repeats itself, saying marks were from a deep tissue massage and out with women again after announcing my personal news," Davis tweeted. 

"Disgusting. All I have covered for him out with the typical s***s fro another news article, you thought apps were following him... Please it's laughable and the abuse I am getting after all I did for that lad is disgusting.

"People may lose their family members, that doesn't give them the right to do what he has done! Over and over! He's done no after care. After assault and revenge porn and more assault he thinks I should take it! I did everything for that lad, he relapsed used coke," she added.

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