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It Was Never My Dream To Act: Tejaswi Prakash

By: IANS | July 6, 2017

Actress Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar, who last played the role of Ragini in "Swaragini", says becoming an actor was never a dream for her.

"I used to act during my childhood... It's just that now I am getting paid for it. It was never my dream to do acting. It was something that just happened and not something I planned," Tejaswi told IANS here during the promotion of her new show "Pehredar Piya Ki".

Her tryst with acting happened by chance.

"I participated in inter-college fashion shows, personality shows and dance competitions. One day, I was just called for a daily soap audition and thought not to go, but my mother accompanied me to try it and I got selected."

With "Swaragini", she became a popular face for TV viewers.

Tejaswi will now be seen portraying the role of a 18-year-old Princess Diya alongside child actor Afaan Khan, who plays Prince Ratan Singh. The show has already grabbed attention with its promos ahead of its telecast later on July, given how it shows the younger one applying vermillion on the actress' head.

Explaining the concept, Tejaswi said: "An unusual concept is showcased through the show. It's journey of how people mend in a relationship which is not common. The show has new things to see that nobody has seen between a husband and a wife," Tejaswi told IANS.

She describes her character as a "young, cute, bubbly kind of a girl, who is very proud of herself".

"She does mistakes, is quite shy and timid, and she surprises everyone. In the show, she takes a lot of decisions, doesn't regret and stands by it," she added.

Tejaswi said child marriage is not the basis of the show.

"It's not at all based on child marriage. It is about a husband and his guard, not husband and his wife. As there is something that he needs a guard," said Tejaswi.

"I cannot deny the fact that a child is getting married in the show, so in a way it is child marriage, but that is not something we are promoting... The relationship cannot be like child marriage as we both (characters) do not know the definition of love, nor there is nothing like romance on the show. We are not married in a romantic way, we are just like friends," she said.

Why is there a need to guard Ratan's character?

"There is something that's happening in his (Ratan's) life, where he needs somebody to become a shield between him and the problems. And Diya is the one who decides to be the 'pehredar,' Tejaswi said. 

She says it's not a finite show.

"There will be a leap. The guy will grow up and we will stretch it for long," the actress said.

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