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Pitt, Jolie Trying Hard To Keep Relations Cordial For Kids

By: IANS | July 3, 2017

Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are caught up in a battle for the custody of their children, are working hard to keep a healthy relationship for their sake.

The two actors have come a long way since Jolie filed for divorce last year, but it is reportedly still hard and painful for them to talk about, reports

"When Brad and Angelina talk these days, it's just about the kids. Either Brad's ringing one of the phones to speak to them, and Angie picks up, or they talk directly together about any child related issues as and when they arise," a source told

"They both have excellent management and legal teams dealing with all the other stuff, and neither sees the point in calling just to have a friendly chat, or to rehash old business. The most important thing for them both has been to get to a stage where they are able to put the anger behind them and communicate in a healthy manner once again for the sake of the kids," the source added.

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