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"What Does It Feel Like Wearing A Turban In Indian Summers?" - Read What A Punjabi Answered!

By: Maddy | July 3, 2017

Turban is a mandate for Sikhs and no matter the season, a turban holds a special place for every Sikh. But for those who are inquisitive about how Sikhs carry their turbans in messy Indian summers, then here's a great reply by a Sikh boy on Quora when someone questioned - What does it feel like wearing a Sikh turban in Indian summers?

  • I would look equally Royal as I feel in rest of the year ! :)
  • If I don't wear it in summers, my long hair will be nothing but a mess which will suck in summers
  • Also, cloth is a good insulator, so in summers with temperature reaching 40°c, it provides a good protection from sun and sun stroke.
  • Indian summers, especially in Punjab heat upto 45°C in some places, scientifically my light coloured turban will absorb less heat than black hair.
  • But, due to more sweating (If I work in non air-conditioned environment), I'd have to wash hair more often.
  • A 5 or 6 mtrs piece of cloth around my head doesn't push my head down because of weight but instead raise it up with pride.

It's a legacy !

As I said in the beginning, there may be benefits and there may be challenges due to turban as a Sikh but I do not wear turban for its benefits and neither will I give it up due to difficulties. I got it in Heritage.

A Briton once asked a sikh guy: “Why do you wear a turban? Is it not enough for you to practice the philosophy of Guru Gobind Singh in your social and personal life?” He replied, “The people accept me as the son of Guru Gobind Singh. Is it not enough reason to wear the turban?”

Bonus point: your curiosity is appreciated but turban is being tied. Sikhs don't just wear it.

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