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Thug Life Trailer Review : Disappointing And Monotonous Screenplay With An Irritating Accent From The Struggling Actress!

By: Prakriti | June 26, 2017

Thug life,  a movie which revolves around the story of three guys who are hilarious but want to be rich. One of them has a plan and they become thugs. Talking about the trailer, three young lads are introduced as atankhwadis ( terrorists) but then suddenly a flashback opens up the complete storyline of the film.

Honestly there are many reasons that the trailer didn’t impress me a bit!

I am just listing few reasons down here straight without sugar coating them.

  • The same slapstick comedy yet again. The lines which we keep hearing in nearly all Punjabi movies aren’t punch lines any more. They seem to be so monotonous that one feels the writer is desperate for attention.
  • The storyline seems to be okayish but not very interesting and seems like they have revealed much in the trailer by showing how the boys are doing the thuggi!
  • The star cast isn’t too powerful for audiences to get to storm the theatres. Harish might be one reason but surely this is again one of his bad decisions .The actor has so much talent which doesn’t really come out in these movies.
  • Talking about the actress in the movie Ihana Dhillon, I have watched her previous performances too but fail to understand her accent! Where is that accent coming from ? She is a Punjabi and has done enough Punjabi movies but why is she sticking with that accent?
  • The movie is written and directed by Mukesh Vohra who is himself a comedian and has done tit bit roles in many movies. This being his debut project, I have my fingers crossed for him. He also has given the screenplay for this movie.
  • The look and feel of the movie is purely low budget and why would someone spend a hundred rupees for this movie when there are so many options in the market ?
  • Third trailer where I see veterans doing the same job yet again. Anita Devgn, Hobby Dhaliwal and Yograj Singh, I wish to see them doing different things soon because this same kind of portrayal has kinda bored us now.

  • Hoping that actors like Rajiv Thakur and Harish Verma be the pillars of the movie and do something for it because my view isn’t that great after watching the trailer.
  • What excites me after reading the credits in the movie is that the playback singer has A listers like Ammy Virk and Ranjit Bawa.

 I wish that the movie works well but my hopes are low. I would just suggest the makers to make something worthwhile as the options for the audience are wide enough!

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