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Products Should Have Emotional Connect Too: Designer

By: IANS | June 24, 2017

Designer Neil Foley feels storytelling has become an important aspect of product designing, and says the product should not only be functional to the consumer but establish a deeper emotional connect too.

"Design is a continuously changing and evolving process, with technological advancements, new materials and better manufacturing techniques hitting markets every day. Products have moved from bulky exteriors to compact, edgy and slim designs," Foley told IANS over an email.

He added: "Products, rather than being only functional and price sensitive, also need to have a deeper emotional connect. Therefore, the inspiration and the storytelling becomes an unique part of how we market a product today. A confluence of the functional and stylish make for the best of design."

Foley, who has designed Titan's latest collection Squadron inspired by the combat fighter jets, feels watches are fast becoming an accessory that defines an individual's personality.

"Watches have moved away from mere timekeeping devices to stylish accessories that reflect a person's personality," said Foley, who is confident that the new collection will "appeal to a larger audience both Indian and international" due to its trendy design and functionality.

Talking about taking a cue from fighter aircraft for watches, Foley, who has won several international and domestic design awards, said: "Each Squadron timepiece has been designed keeping in mind a specific instrument or part of an aircraft...Through visual cues from cockpit instruments and aircraft design, the poetry of flight is brought to life on the consumer's wrist."

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