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Dads Are More Than Economic Force: Musicians On Father's Day

By: IANS | June 19, 2017

Fathers are much more than bread-earners and there's something profound in a father-child relationship, Indian musicians like Benny Dayal, Amaan Ali Bangash and Sachin-Jigar have said on the occasion of Father's Day on Sunday.

They told IANS what a father figure means to them and how it shaped them:

Ayaan Ali Bangash: It did take me time to draw the line as to when he was a father and when he was a guru (Amjad Ali Khan). This realisation obviously happened as I grew older. I feel ecstatic to think and realise from time to time that my guru is my father.

As a classical musician, music for me was not just a profession but a complete way of life. Abba is an old timer with regards to many things.

Benny Dayal: Fathers teach valuable, important life lessons. My father's positivity and seeing the good in people was a quality I learnt a lot from. He just never said bad things about anyone. I really believe it was that outlook of honouring people and trying to find out who they really are underneath that I always aspire to inculcate in my life.

Amaan Ali Bangash: Initially I was conditioned into music but now it's a passion and a reason for immense happiness in my life. Being Ustad Amjad Ali Khan saheb's son, it's a matter of great honour and I feel highly privileged that God gave me the opportunity to be born into this family. My main concern is not to just get popular but the fear of embarrassing my father, God forbid, if I am unable to make good music.

The change in role for us and for him from guru to father and back to guru is somewhat effortless; however, it is a relationship with two people, like Batman and Bruce Wayne! He has been the most patient teacher and the most loving father. Abba's teaching and philosophy is beyond music.

Sachin-Jigar: A father is more than an economic force in a family. A good dad is indispensable to the balanced growth of his children. Our fathers taught us the importance of learning and passion. They always told us to find whatever you're good at then do everything you can to educate yourself about it and don't go out into the world until you've mastered the art completely.

Neeti Mohan: We never stop looking for our father in others. There's something profound in the father-child relationship. My father is truly the emotional anchor in my life and has played an instrumental role in shaping my career.

He is the one who encouraged me to turn my hobby into a career. It was very difficult for someone like me to make a career in music as we come from a middle class family. But there was not even a day he doubted my forte. It was my father's decision to send me to boarding school so that I could be independent ... and look where I am today.

Mithoon: A father is present at the successes and failures. At the big moments, celebrating graduations and birthdays, but also for the little moments that make up a life, even the moments of failure and heartbreak. My father always says luck is when opportunity meets preparation, so always be equipped and prepared.

Raftaar: My father always taught me to be humble and respect everyone irrespective of where one comes from. He taught me to be kind and never let money, fame or success go to my head.

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